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Florida Snook Season Begins!

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Snook season is less than a month away. Are you ready?

Controlling measures has it as one-fish-per-person, per-day bag limit. The fish will need to measure no less than 28” and no more than 32” to bring home. 2016 season will close Dec 1st to the end of Feb and, May 1st through the end of Aug. Seasons and size limits will help continue to rebuild Snook populations on both the east and west coasts of Florida. This fishery remains a more than 90 percent catch and release, and will continue to take further measures to protect the elusive Snook. Even though the rules state you can keep one of these fish per person, per day the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) urges anglers only to keep what they need. These measures and season limitations are designed to help rebuild Snook populations.

A Snook permit as well as a recreational saltwater license is required unless the angler is exempt from the recreational license requirement. Snook may be targeted or caught with hook and line gear only. Snagging is prohibited.

Researchers are asking anglers to drop off the caucuses of filleted and cleaned fish to participating bait and tackle shops for FWC review.These carcasses provide biological data, including the size, age, maturity and sex of the catch. Stock assessments on species like the Snook can be determined with this data.