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Scuba Diving in Grand Cayman

Diving Hot Spots

With steep deep drop-offs, impressive wreck dives and some of the coolest coral in the Caribbean have made the Cayman Islands a world-class dive destination since scuba diving was first started. The visibility can sometime seem immeasurable. The Cayman Islands claims over 360 dive sites, and offers some of the finest diving in the Caribbean. Of the three islands, Grand Cayman is the most visited by scuba divers.

Grand Cayman’s North Wall plunges deeper than 6000 feet and offers gorgeous wall diving with opportunities to see eels, rays, sharks and various types of tropical fish. Grand Cayman also offers nearby shore diving on countless reefs with barely any current. Little Cayman has the Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park, best known for its lively colors and intense drop offs and swim throughs. Cayman Brac offers a great mixture of walls, wrecks and reef diving for all levels of diving experience. From 5-star hotels on Grand Cayman to charming dive lodges on Little Cayman, the islands provide vacation options for everyone and hundreds of dive sites to discover.

Here is a list of the best dive sites in the Cayman Islands:

Babylon, Grand Cayman
One of the most sought after dives on Grand Cayman the hanging gardens of Babylon.  A remarkable dive often featured in many dive publications. The Babylon Pinnacle is the foremost feature of the dive site. Corkscrew around this towering coral structure which is loaded with black coral, whips, fans, and other corals and tuck through the swim throughs around its base.

Jackson’s Bight, Little Cayman
Most popular for its shore diving, Jackson’s Wall is a mini wall located in the site with beautiful coral head formations, a sandy boulevard, and main wall riddled with swim throughs.  Attached to a large coral head in the sand, the top is 15 feet and the sand at 40 feet, the top of the wall at 35 feet; this site can be a deep or shallow dive.  It’s deceiving entrance looks like a dead end but it curves to the right and brings you out in the middle of a magnificent view of the blue sea.  Make plenty of time to explore the corals head just below the boat.  This is a popular location for pipe horse and pike blennies and scorpion fish.

USS Kittiwake, Grand Cayman
Following a renowned half-century in service, this former navy ship was stripped of hazardous materials and sunk off the northern end of Seven Mile Beach in 2011. With marine growth on the Kittiwake still minimal, the fun is in exploring the 76.5 meter vessel and all five levels of her. After navigating through the mess hall, hospital station, propulsion rooms and ammunition lockers, you can even have your own Titanic moment on the bridge of the sunken boat. With a max depth of 20 meters this is a dive for all levels, while even snorkelers can get a great view from above.

Sting Ray City, Grand Cayman
With more than 20 local stingrays that are as hospitable as they are friendly, Stingray City offers their own welcoming committee. It is a breathtaking habitat overflowing with multiple different species coral, gorgeous tropical fish and crystal clear water. Swim, explore, have fun with the stingrays and take a couple selfies while you’re down there. Most visitors opt for a tour of Stingray City that allows them to walk around in the shallows, touch and even hug the rays.

Ghost Mountain, Grand Cayman
The name comes from a ghostly blue paradise of coral. Experienced divers can swim right from the angled wall and enter 27 meters into the blue. You can spend the whole dive swimming in a spiral around the peak covered with sponges and gorgonians or swim through the wall searching for hidden tropical fish. Exploring Ghost Mountain off the North Shore of Grand Cayman Island is a dive not to be missed. This is a boat dive, and it sometimes may not be drivable due to weather or season. The waters are not as calm on the North side as they are on the West along Seven Mile Beach.

Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman
Hands down, the best diving site in the Caymans. The site boasts a spectacular combination of bountiful marine life and unmatched visibility. Clinging to its sheer wall is an eerie vertical forest of neon-yellow tube sponges, giant waving fans and bioluminescent corals. You’re also likely to spot lobsters, eagle rays, sea turtles, Nassau Groupers and triggerfish at any of the many sites along the wall, but some of the most thrilling moorings include Eagle Ray Roundup, Mixing Bowl and Randy’s Gazebo.

Devils Grotto, Grand Cayman
Devils Grotto is a favorite amongst snorkelers and divers. Free divers enjoy the spot because it has many short caves they can free dive into, feeling totally captured by the nature them. Although it is not recommended to divie in these caves without air tanks, Eden Rock is a beautiful place to view some of the most impressive coral formations on the Island. The site is 10-12 feet from shore; do not get discouraged when the bottom seems to get deeper without any coral to be seen, at that time you are getting very close to the formation that rises up from the bottom. Fish feeding here is also very popular.  If you have ever wanted to jump into an aquarium, this is the closest you can come to it.  The small coves to the right of Eden Rock are also fun to explore around.  The whole area offers wonderful colors and beautiful wildlife that makes for an experience you will never forget.