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The Albury Brothers 33

Center Console

With decades of boat building behind them and no signs of stopping, it’s no wonder so many boaters fall head over heels for Albury Brothers boats.


The Albury family has been hand crafting boats for generations. Willard Albury studied the art of boat building from his father, building their famed smacks, sloops and schooners on the island of Man O’War Cay in the Bahamas. Truly a family tradition, William now works alongside his sons creating their one of a kind, handmade vessels. They Range from the 18.5, their first fiber glass boat originally constructed in 1985, to their latest impressive model, the 33 foot with the 27, 23, and 20 footer models in-between. In 2003, in response to the ever-growing demand for their high quality vessels, the Albury family founded Albury Brothers Boats in the United States. Recently, we had the privilege of touring the Albury Brother manufacturing faculty in Riviera Beach Florida. Here, their award-winning team has produced hundreds of hand crafted, one of a kind boats with the same commitment to quality, construction and materials that the family has built is name on.

The Albury Brother’s commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in the design and construction of their latest model, the 33. “A great deal of time” (although they wouldn’t tell us exactly how long that is) and incredible attention to detail was spent refining every detail of the hull until a mold was finally ready to be made. The company badged with the “nobody beats our bottoms” slogan truly proved itself worth it once again. Thanks to its modern all-composite construction and a long history of Bahamian family workboat heritage the Albury Brothers' new 33-footer is the best balanced and best riding boat they have built to date.

Each Albury Brothers boat is individually hand crafted by an award-winning team of builders. Recently the team at Riviera Beach was honored with the “10 years of Building Magnificent Boats” award. This unique construction process of all Albury boats ensures each vessel will stand up to not only the test of time but virtually any sea condition. The inner-liner is vacuumed to the hull and stingers creating a void-free bonded structure. The bottom laminate is nearly 1 inch thick, hand laid solid glass. The hulls running surface is crated with both woven and mat roving, and a foam-filled stringer grid. This heavy 24 oz roving absorbs impact and punches smoothly and easily through waves. Among, “Wow,” “I found the boat for me,” and “let’s stay out a little longer” you’ll find another common phrase being uttered by the 33’s passengers and captains to be “What wave?” The heavy bottom gradually lightens above water line. Both Liner and deck are created using Core-Cell A500 structural core encased in knitted fabric and 26 pound composite core in the transom. The 33 provides an 11-foot beam forward, tapering 1.5-foot at the stern. This design results in a stable well-balanced boat from all angels and a low center of gravity for optimal handling and performance. The hull also combines a keel and lifting strakes with chines that provide additional cushioning and additional lift when planing. For those unable to see their impressive construction process in person, visit the Albury Brother website. They share unique insider images of each phase of the process, it’s worth a peek if you are even remotely interested in boating.

With decades of boat building behind them and no signs of stopping, it’s no wonder so many boaters fall head over heels for Albury Brothers boats. The 33 is an exceptional vessel. Its performance is outstanding, its comfort is world-class, and its craftsmanship is a luxury that is hard to find in its competitors. Albury Brothers boats are crafted to stand the test of time and retain their value better than competitors. With all this history and dedication to perfection, we can’t wait to see what’s next from this one of a kind family company.